Kari Robertson is a visual artist based in Edinburgh Scotland and Rotterdam the Netherlands, who works primarily with film and video. She graduated from the Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam in 2016. She recently undertook a residency at The Banff Centre in Canada. Selected exhibitions include; The ICA SingaporeThe Banff Centre Canada, Radiophrenia, Killjoy Collective Portland Oregon, The Showroom London, The CCA Glasgow, TENT Rotterdam, Flat Time House London, LUX, and Transmission Gallery, Glasgow.

Although it may pass almost unperceived, the minor gesture transforms the field of relations. More than chance variation but less than volition, it requires rethinking common assumptions about human agency and what might constitute political action.’                -Erin Manning

In her work Kari takes a ‘sci-fi’ approach to subjectivity, using narrative as a tool to re/un-think the sovereignty of our bodies, identities or minds, and as a means to access forms of radical empathy (what it might be to empathize beyond the familial bonds of identity, similarity or equivalence). She playfully explores how post-digital constructions and distributions of the subject impact on what we consider explicitly ‘personal’ or ‘subjective’. This often involves developing plastic bodies, characters who might act somehow as 'carrier bags' (Ursula Le Guin) or ciphers that allow us to access forms of imagining just beyond our present now. 

Kari's recent research has been preoccupied with notions of the The Minor Gesture, a form that encapsulates and engenders the ways we move in and through the world. It activates the moments of discord, the multiple, micro-resistances in our daily choreographies. An infinite number of intersectional, contextual, environmental, biological and social intrusions and influences govern our gestures and how they are perceived. Examination of the minor gesture articulates which behaviours and modalities are taught, accepted and propagated and which are discouraged, penalised or repressed.

Kari currently co-runs GHOST, a nomadic curatorial project who programme monthly screenings at WORM Cinema Rotterdam as well as recent exhibitions in Microscope Gallery, Brooklyn and MIAMI, Bogota. https://ghost.hotglue.me/

Kari also plays in experimental band Difficult with fellow artists Eothan Stearn and Tracy Hanna.